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I'm still looking for programmers - Lee's Live Journal — LiveJournal
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I'm still looking for programmers

I've been using every opportunity short of a Monster posting (my next step) and getting almost zero resumes.  I really need .NET programmers for some new projects I'm closing - and I've been having a devil of a time finding them.  If anyone knows of someone interested in locating to, or already in Rochester, NY who is looking for a programming opportunity with a progressive, fun team of guys and gals, I've got a deal for you.  The job features a lot of independence, while still having the support of a team around you, and there is profit sharing so everyone takes advantage of the fruits of our labor.  We're creating products not only for clients, but also for resale.

I can't emphasize how much fun it is to work in my new company - everyone of my team continues to tell me how it's such a different and fun environment from the tradtional "corporate drone" work in an office cubicle.

Let me know if you know of someone.  You can contact me through linkedin, myspace, email, any number of methods...

Current Location: Rochester, NY
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rebelsheart From: rebelsheart Date: October 14th, 2007 05:12 pm (UTC) (Link)
how widespread do you want this to be? I'm not aware of anyone looking for this type of employment off the top of my head, but the odds are good someone on my friends list does.
ldrake From: ldrake Date: October 14th, 2007 05:49 pm (UTC) (Link)

I'm looking for local resources

As widespread as you want - however I'm strictly looking for people who are willing to live and work in the Rochester, NY area - not subcontractors or remote-workers, but specifically Rochester based full time employees. If they live and love working in (for instance San Diego) then they'll probably not be happy here with our snow. On the other hand if they're sick of paying $1M to live in a hovel and have a 2 hour commute to work and hate the fact that it's always warm and sunny - they'll love it here :)

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